Cloud-based Experiences (Activities) Marketplace & Quality Label
Cloud-based Experiences (Activities) Marketplace & Quality Label

Leading yachts of the world is an all-in-one collaboration yacht charter software which improves your sale procedure to the high-end market. Get access to the market of activities and provide your customers with a high-quality yacht charter service, improve your customer experience and generate additional income.

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*The service is provided to travel establishments free of charge, however applicants must match the criteria set by Leading Yachts of the World. Check if you are qualified

SALES PROCEDURE Expand your business globally


Full process Online Instantly

Simplification of Procedures

Booking - e-Contract - Secure payment - Full process online instantly

Simplification of Procedures



Average booking time

Often depends on the region, time of day, season, agency network, team & services.


SOFTWARES Take your customer experience to the next level

Implementation of the Yacht Charter Activity

Improve customer experience and generate additional income


Marketing Support

Communicate efficiently with your customers and stay in touch before, during and after their arrival.


Meet your client from Anywhere & Anytime

Your Client Account
Client Account
for easy & fast access
to you
Your private CRM & Cloud
Private CRM & Cloud
to keep contact with your customers

Travel Secure Payment & Agreement

We have the simplest and most effective way for you to receive payment from your customers, pay your suppliers at the same time and immediately take your commissions or margins, respecting the laws of your country.


Boost Your Revenue Without Increasing Your Costs

Our innovative, automated software generates additional income for your business. Save time, enhance your customer experience and generate additional revenue. It’s that simple.

Increase the client’s experiences
Increase your client’s experiences 300% Annually
Increase your yacht charter incomes
Increase your yacht charter incomes 200% Annually
Save your staff’s time up to
Save your staff’s time by up to 140 hrs per week
Extend your range of Yachts & Experiences
Expand your selection of yachts and experiences by x 10 compared to now
Become a member

Join an exclusive network of Virtual Yacht Charter Offices

Label Quality

Yacht Charter Label Quality




AVA Software Recognized by StartupCity Magazine

AVA Software Recognized
by StartupCity Magazine
as Top 10 Tech Startups
in Singapore 2020

AVA Software was recently honored as one of the "Top 10 Startups in Singapore in 2020" by US-based Startup City magazine, an independent platform for investors and senior decision-makers across industries to share insights and experience and enable peers to identify new startups offering innovative solutions for early adoption and investing opportunities. The recognition is highlighted in the platform’s annual edition of Startups in Singapore, whereby an impartial and independent evaluation team assessed and shortlisted some of the country’s most prominent startup companies at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technologies and innovations in their respective domains.

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